ALE728 8-Camera LANC Controller
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An embedded controller that allows simultaneous remote control of up to 8 Sony, Canon, or Blackmagic LANC cameras.

Send any LANC command (i.e. Record Start/Stop, Zoom, Shutter, etc.) to all connected cameras simultaneously for synchronized operation.

Cameras can be controlled simultaneously from either a PC or directly from the push buttons on the controller board.  Also includes a digital interface port so that you can use an external controller (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.) to control camera functions.

Comes standard with connections and LANC cables to control eight cameras — you can add an additional ALE729 Expansion Board (see below) to add connections for an additional 8 cameras for a total of 16 cameras.  


  • Item #: ALE728

ALE728 8-Camera LANC Controller

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